Passion Spas


Passion Spas offers the most innovative spa massage features ever developed. Each Passion Spa has a variety of massage features that will create the ultimate in hydrotherapy relief for you. Through years of experience and close cooperation with physiotherapists, we have designed a variety of massage experiences that are unique to Passion Spas.

Soft Tissue Massage™

All massages at Passion Spas are focused on your muscles and other soft tissue. This is important because Passion Spas aims to provide a truly invigorating therapy just like you would experience with a masseur. With the single difference that this masseur is available 24/7 and continues as long as you wish.

Lumbar Support™

In the human body, there is always a cavity in the lower back, which is called the Lumbar Zone. Passion Spas and its design team have collaborated with professionals from the recliner industry to perfect the shape in the shell, developing a support for the Lumbar zone. This allows you to sit relaxed and experience your spa revitalized.

Aqua Rolling Massage™

Our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™ pushes water up the back of the seat through specially designed recesses in the spa shell. The resulting agitation of the water creates a vigorous massage that works the muscles throughout your back.

Intense Therapy Zone™

The Intense Therapy Zone™ provides a concentrated, penetrating massage to the lower regions of your back. The intensity of the pressure can be adjusted. Only Passion Spas offers a therapy system for your lower back muscles that allows you to isolate specific areas with the intensity of massage you desire.

Levitation Bed™

The Levitation bed™ is the most innovative spa massage feature available. Experiencing this massage will give you a floating sensation because your body is completely enveloped in a soothing massage that can be adjusted for intensity and effect. You can lie either face down or face up, giving you a full head to toe massage that is simply amazing. The Levitation Bed™ is the only one of its kind and offered exclusively by Passion Spas.

Freestyle Massage

With Freestyle Massage you can manually determine at which area of your body you want to receive your therapeutic massage. The rotating jet stimulates your muscles by rubbing with vibrating warm water even above the waterline. This way you can fl exibly guide your massage to your shoulder, hip, knee or ankle or any place you need warm water massage.

Neck Relief Massage™

The Neck Relief Massage™ is a new therapy specially created by Passion Spas which focuses on loosening your neck muscles by massaging from top to bottom your neck. Your muscles are rubbed by the warm water therapy. This massage technique will improve blood circulation, makes you feel positive and give an energy boost.

Waterfall Massage™

Imagine a continuous stream of cascading, warm water falling gently on your neck and shoulders. This is the sensation you experience when enjoying the delightful effects of our innovative Waterfall Massage™. When finished, you will exit the spa with your upper back and neck feeling totally and completely relaxed.

Therapy Wave Zone™

The Therapy Wave Zone™ is a massage that starts at the lower back, and slowly works its way up from your lower back to your shoulders and neck. The sensation mimics a cushioned rolling pin running up and down your back, soothing your muscles as it works its way from your lower back to neck.